Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trey's Trek 2012 Day 3, Wed. September 5, 2012 ...

Some photos of this day's Trek

Yesterday was a bear!  We started out from Richmond after praying with Pastor and we headed down Gratiot Avenue, in a Southwesterly direction.  Within the half hour of us getting started... it began to rain!  And boy did it rain!  It did not pour but it was a steady rain for at least 4 straight hours!  Just when the rain commenced we stopped and put on our rain gear and continued to walk. Although I was not getting soaked by rain water, I was sweating under my rain gear which was pretty uncomfortable but such is life!  

Then after about 1:00 pm if my memory serves me correctly, the rain stopped and the sun came out!  So we took off our rain gear and walked in the sun shine!  Then what was wet... began to mix with the sweat from the heat of the sun and my gear began to 'rub me to wrong way!'  (so to speak...)  

By the time we reached our destination... 21 miles later, my toes were starting to blister along with my lower back where the pack that I was carrying, that housed the "Camel Back" water bladder that kept me hydrated was stored.  What I did not know at that point was that the sores that I would attain that day, would harass me for the next week to 10 days!  This day was the most testing of them all for the 2012 Trek!  I guess life is that way!  So I adjusted my steps and kept going.  What a teacher Life is!  I guess that the saying which goes ... "no pain, no gain" is true after all!  

But what soothed the tension and hot spots on my feet and attitude were the folks that came to the church in Rochester at the end of the day who prayed for our City and our Neighbors!  For me personally, that made the struggle worth the walk!  So, to our friends who attended that prayer meeting...You have my highest admiration and thanks!!!  I am encouraged in my heart of hearts, because of your intercession for those who don't have anyone to pray for them.   The scary thought is, that there are multiple thousands who live all around us and not one single Christian, who knows Jesus,  knows them!  

Think about it!  Who prayed for you before you were saved?  Your Mother? Your Father?  A Brother or a Sister?  A Grandmother or a Grandfather?  An Aunt or an Uncle?  A friend?  Who...?  If you were born in the USA you probably had someone praying for you!  But if those who were not born in a place where the Good News about Jesus is freely preached and accepted and lived out, then there is a greater chance that they, whoever they are, will not have one single person praying for them by name... simple because they don't even know that "that person" is even alive to be prayed for!  It is not that folks are down right mean spirited or that they just hate 'foreigners, NO!  

Just think about it!  How can a person pray for someone if they don't even know that they exist?  'Hmm?'  You may say to yourself!  'I have never even thought about that before!'  Then we say to ourselves; 'no wonder there are not more folks within the 10/40 Window who meet Jesus and who are born again!'  It is a heavy thought!  What are we going to do with that one...?  

As my feet are still on the ground!

Simply Trey

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aint got time to stop... gotta go by the shop

Hey Ya'll! Im still alive out here and Im still walking. In just a few long days I'll be dipping my tired aching feet into the Great Lake Michigan. If my calculations are correct, we'll get there on Monday Night, October 1st. 
I've taking over 1,000 pictures since I stared in Port Huron, and I can't wait to show some to ya. I use them to help me remember who we ministered to, who ministered to us and all the picturesque things along way. When I'm finally home next week I'll post pictures and short stories. Jesus has been doing some cool things out here on the road. Please stay tuned for the pictures and the stories.

Tonight- September 27th, we will be at Kalamazoo First Assembly of God. Please call me if you want to come out. We'd love for you to join us. 313. 632.0168.

 Tomorrow night we will be in Coloma, MI at Central Assembly of God.

Please pray for John and I.

With my feet on the ground,


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trey's Trek 2012  
Day 1, 
Monday September 3, 2012
Port Huron to Marysville to Richmond, MI

The weather was worm and the sky was clear!  
Its On! The Trek has begun. We've been walking for a week now and I am finally sitting down long enough to share some pictures and thoughts with you. I'm going to post a collage, maybe more, for every day that I have walked. I hope you enjoy them. Please continue to pray for me as I walk.

This collage is from the first day. We started at the most Eastern point of Michigan, Port Huron on the St. Clair River. The main picture in the collage is the beginning crew. We enjoyed a sweet time of prayer before starting the Trek. They were great folks to start off with!  At the end of the day,  it was me and a brother on a bike... he rode, I walked.. I am so very thankful for his company along the road. 

I'll write later. See Ya, bye.

With my feet on the Ground!

Simply Trey

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trey's Trek 2012...!

Simply.................................................................................. Trey!
I know that I am not finished with writing about Trey's Trek 2011.  There is just simply too much to talk about along with what happened and what we experienced last year as we walked from Dearborn to the Mackinaw Bridge!  (328.2 miles)  
Mission Accomplished for Trey's Trek 2011!
So... I have decided (with the help of  "Grace!") to interject new posts from this year's "Trey's Trek 2012" into the blog site; one week at a time and then later on... elaborate on what we experienced as we walk along from Port Huron to Michiana, MI!  
Grace, my daughter, is the one kneeling!
My daughter "Grace" Halford is going to help me with loading the weekly photos onto the blog site, that we have taken along the way and then I will write a short comment for that group.  Then after we finish, I will go back and 'fill in the blanks' so to speak... as to the details of Trey's Trek 2012!

With my "sore" feet on the ground!

Simply Trey

p.s. we are on schedule as we walked into Brighton, Michigan yesterday after starting in Port Huron on Monday morning!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Nine d. WEEK TWO, 
Wednesday, September the 14th, 2011
Cows are cool!  They can teach us a lesson!
As we are Trekking North on M-18 to Gladwin, the "folks" along the way offered us a wide variety of viewing options!  

These 'characters' above noticed us as we walked along... we saw that they were just 'parked' out in the field along the side of the road!  As we traversed up the highway...they actually turned and looked at us curiously!  Folks don't usually think that cows pay any attention to much but let me tell you, they are aware or their surroundings!  By the looks on their faces, it was as if they had never seen anyone 'walk by', out here, like this...!  

I have to tell you from experience, cow are curious creatures!  At one time when I was younger, we owned about 25 of them. I can tell you that if they see something that is unusual they will just stare it down!  Have you ever been stared at by a cow?  LOL!  You should try it sometime!  Cows have huge eyelashes and sometimes while they are looking at you intently... their tongues can come out of their mouthes and slides up into their nose like a big ole' snake!  It will freak you out, if you are not prepared for that kind of  'thang!"  

But that is the nature of a cow!  That is what they do!  And they will 'mooo' at you too!  They are like having a 'watch dawg' around...!  What a concept!  A 'watch cow!'  They are interesting creatures!   It doesn't make me mad because they are like that... that is just the nature of a cow!  So I deal with it!  

But if I impose my cultural values over on the cow... it makes me feel better about myself because the cows are 'uncouth' and they use their 12" tongues to clean out their noses and... 'they are not as cultured as me!'  But in reality, if I don't get close enough to notice... the cows, which are always different than me, I will always misunderstand them!  
I told you that they stare!
For most of us, it is convenient and time saving to just keep our distance!  It is less trouble too!  We end up flying past folks so fast that we don't really notice anything outside of our point of reference and if we do notice... it is because something has usually inconvienced us and the 'outsider' is just there staring and moooing and cleaning out their noses!  And we mindlessly see them as just 'folks on the other side of the fence.'  

This is why walking is such a good thing!   In a car; as you speed by, life is happening all around you; you hardly even notice what is on the side of the road... but when you walk, it gives you time to focus on what you see because you are not speeding along at 70!  Life is really too precious to just be speeding around from here to there and all the while missing those who are on the way!  So slow down!  Ask yourself!  "Why am I in such a hurry?"

With my feet on the Ground... 'slowly'

Simply Trey

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DAY NINE c, WEEK TWO,  Wednesday, September the 14th of 2011! 

Trey's Trek cont... 
Change?  What change

After connecting with Becky at the Motor Home in Beaverton, MI the day was well spent and she drove us up M-18 to the Assembly of God Church in Gladwin, MI.  That was where we were to spend the night and we were to be involved in presenting the ministry in Dearborn and praying for our church there.  

Life in Northern Mid Michign seems to run at a slower pace than what governs the 'speed of life' in the Metro Area of Detroit!  The sign above shows that pace!  Even though automobiles are used here...they must 'move over' for the buggys and horses that traverse the area!   But I did get 'tickled' when I read the smaller white sign down on the left sign post.  It says "NO STOPPING  STANDING  PARKING"  Now is that for the horse or the driver?  

The next morning after spending the night in Gladwin, Becky drove me back to Beaverton to start where we left off  our walk the evening before.

This morning not like the others was a bit 'chillier' so I donned my winter coat to start with and later abandoned it as sun crossed the sky.  

Also there was a very nice young man at the church who was at the meeting last night that after hearing us speak desired to walk with us today!

As I was speaking in the Service, this young man had an "Alabama" hat that was (sittin' on his head!)   That was enough to get my attention and we struck up an conversation! Not many in the North know about the Crimson Tide...  Come to find out, he really was from Alabama which was nice... But that still does not mean I gotta like his hat!  

Anyway!  He wanted to walk with me and that he did!  I was really appreciative of his company!  We talked about Alabama and family matters and we harassed each other about Auburn and Alabama!  That was kinda fun! ... 'Way up North in Michigan',  no one really knows about such thangs as "down South"  SEC Football and what it means to Southern Reality!  It can even seem like, "Life and Death"  at times but when the dust settles, rivals are really blood relatives!  

Like when that huge tornado went through Tuscaloosa, Alabama a couple of years ago (where the University of Alabama is located) and the whole Auburn University Football Team loaded up in a bus and traveled to Tuscaloosa and aided the town in a massive clean up after a 'mega tornado' that was reported to be almost a mile wide at it's base, destroyed so much in town.  It was a heart rending time for everyone but "warriors" that did battle on the grid iron dropped their differences to actually aid their athletic arch enemy in what mattered most in life!   "Doing to others as you would have them do to you."   Those words are from Jesus and have been labeled as "The Golden Rule!"   In this case if you have the "Gold" you "Rule!"  

With my feet on the Ground

Simply Trey

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DAY NINE b, WEEK TWO,  Wednesday, September the 14th of 2011! 
Trey's Trek cont... 
After watching the Brothers from North Carolina drive away...and completely get out of sight, I again stood there all alone!  Bu Hu!  LOL!  .  Thoughtfully, I just turned back around and headed West "uh'gin".  

There were still several hours left in this day for me to reach my destination which was Beaverton, MI.  When I rounded the Eastern shore of Ross Lake at the corner of Pearson and Porter, I saw the Motor Home parked under the SHELL sign!  When I got closer, guess who popped out!  You guessed it!!!! How did you know?  Just kidding!

Becky!  Oh my Becky!  I bet you didn't know that she could drive a big ole' rig like that!  She is so talented!  I "rilly" like  her!!!

I had called her before I arrived in town, so I knew where see was located.  That way when I got close to the location where the Motor Home was parked... I pulled out my phone and was ready to take her picture when she can out!  I was ready with my 'handy dandy' Blackberry;  she came out... and the photo above turned out great, at least I think so!!!  She was a sight for sour eyes (and feet!)

"How beautiful are the feet..." but nothing was ever said about being..."sore"!
How is it that "feet" and "Good News" are related?  Hummm? 

If feet are related to walking... and The Scripture says that the feet of those who bring Good News are beautiful then why was there no mention of tireness or soreness or blisters or the like?  

Because from personal experience, I can tell you that walking makes your feet tired!  Walking makes your feet sore!  Walking tends to create blisters!  I guess the only thing that I am to surmise from this is that no matter how "beautiful" you look... the work that your feet create, causes wear and tear!  

Getting to where you are going is not an easy prospect, ever!  Maybe this has something to do with the "News" that you carry!  Not just plain ole' news but GOOD news!  News that refreshes others!  News that strengthens and encourages others!  News that breathes life back into a worn out situation!   But the whole while... your feet hurt!

Personally for me... the reality of getting the Good News to anyone is no easy task as far as being easy goes!  So the lesson I think I need to learn and learn well is that walking means that you are going somewhere.  That you have a direction!  That in perusing that direction (no matter how 'right' your missions is...) that the path you are on will drain you!  The effort you expend in expediting you task can and will make you feel weak!  

The persistent plotting of being consistent in completing your task will cause the emotional and 'heart' issues of your life to seem to loose their mobility and get rigid thus making you less patient and more anxious!   

Then lastly but not least, the friction that can be created when people work closely together in tight spaces can create blisters on your heart and soul and cause you to stop doing what you are doing altogether and just check out!   

So the lesson for me is that... This is just what life is made of.  It is not strange!  It is not out of the ordinary!  It is not unusual... it is life in this realm!  But it does not stop me from attaining and maintaining a Beautiful attitude in the process! 

Just trying to think this THANG.. through!
With my FEET on the Ground!

Simply Trey